Txema Muñoz

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Txema Muñoz is a versatile, curious and innovative artist who graduated in Fine Arts in 1991. His development as artist took him through different styles in which he has focused his artistic creation within different disciplines of painting, drawing, engraving graphic design.

Painting: he is particularly interested in “material” art, which leads him to investigate the different textures that inspire him to make his works. He uses many materials, mainly of industrial origin. He is no typical abstract artist as his motifs are perfectly identifiable in their essence. He tries is to express his ideas, emphasizing the meanings behind the forms, shapes and models.

Drawing: his last project in this field consists of drawings on paper from old damaged books rescued from flea markets. His inclination for symbolic expression is abundantly clear in his drawings.

Engraving: themes in his engravings are similar to that of his drawings. This discipline allows him to investigate new ways to translate his artistic ideas, studying old techniques, such as Japanese engraving or mezzotint.