Rox Lawson

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Rox Lawson, a Swiss-Argentine artist, was born in Buenos Aires.  Fluent in a number of languages Rox had a career in Hotel management, living in Switzerland, Germany, France, Scotland and now in Portugal.

Influenced by the gifted heritage of an artistic family, she masters a multitude of skills in acrylic and oil painting, furniture restauration and even pottery, which she mixes into a unique artistic expression.

She shows a combination of vibrant colors, textures, energy and intuition.  The materials she uses are enormously varied: she uses a wide range from Gesso to paper, cloth, sand, cement, acrylics, oils, waxes and varnishes.

When observing her art from close-by, you realize that she was inspired by the forces and colors of nature. Her repertoire shows clear evidence that she experiments as she composes her art by letting her creativity flow freely.

She uses art to channel her abundance of energy in creating her expressive work, building a universe of textures and feelings on canvas.