José Manuel Cardiel

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José Manuel Cardiel Pérez was born in Logroño on 25 March 1958 and started his artistic career in 1990. A self-taught painter, he has created more than 350 art pieces which have been exposed in many expositions throughout Spain.  His works belongs to the abstract expressionism art movement of the likes of Willem De Kooning and Jackson Pollock, characterized by throw, splash, spill and drip over the canvas. His unique works show great mastery in the use of color and light. Every canvas reflects his feelings and moods at the time of creation. He belongs to the Spanish Society of Painters and Sculptors (AEPE).

He graduated as surgeon in 1981. After specializing in Stomatology in 1984 he opened his private consultancy in Zaragoza. This gifted and versatile artist wrote two medical books and manages the Health magazine Salus Samper, which was awarded by SANITARIA 2000. At present he is also Vice-president of the Official School of Doctors in Zaragoza and Honorific Consul of the Republic of Honduras in Aragón.