Fernando Pennetier

Fernando Pennetier
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Fernando Pennetier was born in Zamora in 1931and he graduated from the University of Fine Arts San Fernando, Madrid. Throughout his extended career as consolidated artist he has been amazingly productive, confirmed by the large number of individual and collective expositions he accounted for.

In the early years of his career Fernando Pennetier focused on surrealism, expressionism and abstractionism. The experience of passing through all the aspects that make the art of painting allowed him to reach his current level of perfection in figurative painting. Particularly his Still Life paintings show the result of his creative process through drawing, giving perspective, applying color and through organization of the space. In the mind of the artist, Still Life brings together both versatility and simplicity of nature through a prisma of passing time. 

Serenity and balance call the attention of the spectator.  The composition, the horizontality, the almost mysterious grey colors are the basis of his work. Combined with the “human presence”, with it’s gazing blank stare as a dreaming personality.

His paintings communicate harmony, making the spectator feel the inner harmony of Fernando Pennetier, like preconceived beauty that has matured in his mind for a long time.  

His command of drawing is exceptional, fundamental for his almost hyper-realistic figurative expression.  Drawing makes him feel very comfortable, it is his way of life.  During his professional career he has always drawn from  memory, enabling him to capture his own vision: enigmatic, melancholic and sometimes bewildered of the beings and things.