Erik Peistrup

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Erik Peistrup, from Copenhagen, Denmark, is a very active artist who frees up his creativity in his two studios in Copenhagen, Denmark and Girona, Spain. His oeuvre reflects his flamboyant character. Every new creation surprises his audience, again, again and again.

Erik initially started creating his art as an autodidact painter. Throughout his artistic career he was trained at a variety of art schools in Denmark, France and Belgium and now masters the artistic disciplines of drawing, sculpting and painting.  Erik Peistrup relentlessly travels around the world to visit at art residences in order to find new inspiration for his work.  His latest visit was to the European Academy of fine Arts, Trier, Germany.  Trained in 2018 at the Brooklyn, N.Y. studio of the famous Spanish Painter Juan Miguel Palacios, Erik’s artistic talent now seems completely unleashed.

His style is best described as abstract expressionism and he mainly uses mixed media on canvas. Erik is passionate about colors and he uses tension between his colors to create the interaction with his audience, thus leaving a distinct impact on people. He explores contrasts and tensions like hard versus soft, light versus dark and static versus dynamic, thus creating the energy by which he communicates with the world. Broken lines, immaterial figures and often a touch of rawness or sketchiness make his work seemingly incomplete, allowing the spectator to imagine the completed picture. In Erik’s own words: “incomplete evolution retains flexibility and makes sure that development remains possible”.