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Three Spanish Artists in Brussels

Bea Sarrias, Genevieve Roeseler and Patricia Bernar exhibited their most recent art work in Martin’s Atelier.



Bea Sarrias has developed most of her career in Barcelona, where she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. Very quickly she felt interested in architecture and in painting conic spaces. Her work, based on designs of important Spanish and International architects, has received recognition and stands out for the efficient way she manages ight and shadow.



Genevieve Roeseler studied at the Artistic School “le 75” where she was a student under Boris Semenoff. For a long time she focused her work on human shapes until she began painting scenes from Cantabria (Spain), a region dear to her. “Currently I change from one subject to another and by doing so I realize that the theme is just an excuse….what really matters is to put in action my inner self”, states Roeseler, who ikes to express her feelings through free brush strokes.



Patrícia Bernar is an abstract artist who freely uses spontaneous expression. As part of her creative process she tears and manipulates paper and then applies different echniques or textures. She has exhibited in Madrid, Malta and Brussels.



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