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Martin’s Atelier presented the work of two gifted artists, Patricia Bernar and Rox Lawson, who master the expression of colors, textures and volumes shown as abstract pieces of art. The way they apply their unique and laborious techniques proofs great talent, attracting the attention not only of art lovers but also the wider public. The artists showcased their most recent art work at our Atelier in March 2019.



Patrícia Bernar is a multicultural artist from Spain who lives in Brussels. She works simultaneously on her paintings and on her contemporary pieces of bijouterie. Both display her abstract style. She participated in a number of exhibitions around Europe: Madrid, Malta, Luxemburg, Paris and Brussels. She spoke in different media about her personal creativity process.



Rox Lawson, a Swiss-Argentine artist, was born in Buenos Aires. Fluent in a number of languages, Rox had a career in Hotel management, living in Switzerland, Germany, France, Scotland and now in Portugal. Influenced by the gifted heritage of an artistic family, she masters a multitude of skills in acrylic and oil painting, furniture restauration and even pottery, which she mixes into a unique artistic expression.