Martin’s Atelier is an artistic project boosted by Iciar Ormaechea and Martin Versneltwo art lovers who have decided to take their passion for art one step further.

Their objective is to promote the work of visual and plastic artists mostly from Spanish speaking nations, although not limited to them, by:

  • Providing space to support artists and their work in and from the heart of Europe.

  • Creating circumstances.

  • Connecting artists with opportunities.

  • Facilitating and supporting artistic career development.

  • Advising on how to present themselves to Europe.

  • Linking artists to experienced art consultants.

The project was originally created around a unique and signatory space in the heart of Ixelles (Brussels, Belgium), which was the atelier of the well-known artist Paul ArtôtThe original construction was built by Paul Hamesse, a famous architect of the art nouveau movement.

Since 2018 we have curated exhibitions and art projects featuring a selection of artists belonging to diverse artistic traditions. As of 2019 we also organize briefings and lectures on art by recognized members from within the art-world.

Let’s take our passion for art one step further and provide space to support artists in Europe.