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The exhibition Connecting Worlds took place between Friday 24 and Sunday 26 January 2020, with a finissage on Sunday 9 February. It brought together three extremely talented artists from different origins and backgrounds:

– The classically schooled Spanish painter Fernando Pennetier with his very figurative works
– Greek photographer Despina Zaimis with her inspiring, creative and very modern images
– The technically very innovative abstract Dutch artist Jan Tervoort could effectively not be more apart.

Connecting Worlds made these three cultures, generations and art forms melt together into one unique display of talent, skill and artistic vision. During the opening session, our guests had the opportunity to enjoy the flute of the fabulous musician Ana Simon.

Jan Tervoort

Jan Tervoort was born in Castricum, The Netherlands, in 1955. After successfully running his own advertising agency, Jan started his professional artistic career in 1995 on the Indonesian island of Bali under guidance of the Master painter Lois Kapr. His cooperation with Cheny Roesllyta gave his abstract artistic style both focus and direction.

In 2005 he resettled in The Netherlands and opened his studio in the historical city of Monnickendam. Jan always experiments with new materials and techniques. His casting technique for translucent artwork has been widely applied. He uses epoxy, glass and cardboard combined with steel and wood to create unique pieces of art, continuously reinventing himself and his artistic style.

As an artist, his life is about the process of creation, as he grows as by trying different techniques. For him, a finished work is the ultimate result of trying and making mistakes. He connects to and communicates with his audience and creates his unique art pieces on the basis of the perspective his audience gave to him.

Socially engaged, Jan often participates in projects supporting those that need support. He currently works on the project “Art without a Home”, supporting people that live on the street.

For more information about Despina Zaimis and Fernando Pennetier, check out their portfolios:

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