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In November 2019, the exhibition Architecture & Dance showcased recent art pieces of the artists Bea Sarrias and Gabriel Schmitz, two figurative artists that live and work in Barcelona and that have established an internationally recognized professional career.

While normally artists create in the solitude of their studios, this time, however, the
artists used dance and architecture as the guiding elements for a live performance: the audience had the opportunity to watch both artists create their unique pieces of art., while interacting with Berta Fornell, a contemporary ballerina, and an audiovisual projection by the filmmaker Morrosko Vila-San-Juan.

Gabriel Schmitz

Gabriel Schmitz was born in Germany and lives and works in Barcelona since the 90’s. He graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art in 1994 and received a master’s degree by the Winchester School of Art. He has exhibited regularly throughout Europe and the United States.

Rooted in expressionist traditions and influenced by the London School of Painting (Auerbach, Bacon or Freud), he finds inspiration in contemporary dance, literature, cinema and an interest in world cultures. The glancing over the human figure connected to the psychological complexity of a portrait is an essential element in all his paintings.

Since 2015 Gabriel Schmitz has conducted residencies in New Jersey (2015 and 2016) and in Miami (2016), as well as two in Oslo (2018 and 2019). The artists is convinced that staying on the move provides him a higher sensitivity to everything that surrounds him and opens new fields of vision which continuously refresh his artistic expressions.

For more information about Bea Sarrias, check out her website: