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The artist Ty Trias presented her second solo exhibition at Martin’s Atelier.

The trees of that forest represent individual human beings who are artistically represented to be rooted to the earth -or- nature. “It means that we are part of the planet at the same level as animals, plants, the atmosphere, explaining to us that we should take care of it”, explained Ty Trias.

The artist also explains that each piece has its own uniqueness which is achieved by applying color to each tree in a different way. “It is a way of representing equality, but also diversity. As such, these trees, like human beings, grow and develop in a different way. But, in the end, we are all part of a group composed of individuals”, she explained.

Björk occupied the center of the exhibition space, thereby starting a dialogue with photographs Ty Trias took from different angles and approaches, which will complete he exhibition. «My intention is to recreate, once more, the same universe through different media and articulate that from different points of view,» the artist emphasized.