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Our good friend Jakob Thomsen died aged 61 from stomach cancer and he left many projects to finish. Father of three teenage children, historian and European civil servant by profession, and photographer of vocation, he traveled the world capturing with his camera an infinity of moments that became a photographic legacy that keeps his memory alive. Jakob was able to immortalize snapshots reflecting his love for nature, landscapes, urban space, animals, and local customs.

Jakob was a man that knew how to give sense to the word friendship. He was very excited to exhibit his works and he dedicated the last months of his life to put together his photographic works and prepared it with “best quality”, as he used to say. Sadly, he could not make it to the date he was planning to do his big show. With his wife Paloma we decided to continue with the project he had been preparing for, leaving us between enthusiasm and pain. His legacy will continiue in the photographic exhibition “Enter Jakob’s Universe”, to bringing people closer to his work and to his life.

All proceeds were donated to cancer research, to the CIMA (Centro de Investigación Médica Aplicada de la Universidad de Navarra), His wife Paloma Plaza Garcia wanted to give all benefits specifically to improve early diagnosis and ameliorate the living conditions of cancer patients.